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Sports Branch Library

Sports Branch of Hangzhou Public Library is the first library branch co-held with large enterprises. Centering on the service concept of “sports keep you fit, reading improves your life”, it emphasizes the integration of reading related to health and fitness, on-site sports experience and social cooperation.

What they do:

1. Reading promotion related to health and fitness. Diversified activities are organized to promote reading, including on-site reading activities, cultural tours combined with reading, exhibitions concerning health and fitness, etc.

2. On-site sports experience activities. Some conventional exercise programs, like indoor golf, archery and yoga with professional coaches’ guidance, as well as fitness test, are very welcomed by patrons.

3. Open sports classes. Lectures and salons are regularly organized there. Swordplay classes, diabolo classes, golf classes, Wing Chun classes, yoga classes and ballet classes have been introduced to our patrons so far, which have realized the instant communication both online and offline.

4. Extension services. Sports Branch is actively extending their services outside the library by cooperating with different sports organizations and setting up sub-branches to offer more free services. For instance, It cooperated with Mulan Boxing Promotion Association to jointly organized a Mulan Boxing performance which attracted more than 300 audience; worked with Hangzhou Golf Training Center to jointly launched a “Winter Physical Training Camp for Teens” in Qiushi Primary School, making full use of public resources.

Address:Xi Xi Octagon City, Hangzhou, China