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The First Library Themed on Finance Officially Opened

Located in Chengbei Sports Park, the Financial and Business Branch of Hangzhou Public Library, the first library themed on finance, was officially opened on August 18, 2020.



The Branch covers an area of 635 square meters, with a total collection of 10,000 books, 3000 of which are finance and business related. A bakery, a tea bar and a cafe bar are planned inside, creating a cozy space for communication and reading.



Ying Xuelin, vice minister of the publicity department of Hangzhou Municipal Committee, Lu Xiaolong, deputy director of the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Tourism Bureau, Zhao Yiwen, member of the Standing Committee of Xiacheng District Committee as well as Minister of publicity, Zhou Jiancheng, founder of Zhejiang financial and business Education, Liu Dong, director of Hangzhou Public Library and Liang Liang, deputy director of Hangzhou Public Library attended the opening ceremony.



The Financial and Business Branch is the 27th theme branch of Hangzhou Public Library. It integrates resources in Zhejiang Financial and Business Education Consulting Company and Hangzhou Public Library, aiming to promote the popularization of finance education.


Opening Hours∣Tuesday to Friday 9:00-21:00

Address∣Building 2, Chengbei Sports Park, Xiancheng District, Hangzhou (No. 28, Shanxian Road, Dongxin Street, Xiancheng District)

Contact number∣17280787574