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Librarians’ Recommendation:"A Woman Makes A Plan"


--Zhang Weiran  (Librarian of Hangzhou Public Library)


Hello, everyone!Today's recommendation is "A Woman Makes A Plan".


Maye Musk may not be a familiar name for us, but we may know her son Elon Musk, who is a well-known entrepreneur in the USA. "A Woman Makes A Plan" written by Maye Musk is not a book about her famous son, but about herself, about advice for a a lifetime of adventure, beauty and success. From this book, we could see that how a brave woman followed her heart to chase the model career even though her hair was white, how a wise woman was responsible for the whole family as a single mother even though she could hardly afford meals."Live dangerously-carefully" was Maye Musk’s motto which guided her through the dark days.




Personally, although it might be hard to imagine the sufferings described in the books, considering different culture backgrounds and times. I could still understand Maye Musk as a woman and see how she broke the old world and built a new one for herself.


Besides, it is more than a book only containing the pressure and bitter memory. We could learn Maye Musk's resilience and optimism for life from her narration. As she said, "no matter how big or small opportunity, someone else will always answer the question for you of "why not". But think about what is going to make you happy. Keep opening doors for yourself in your life, you just never know until you try."