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Librarians’ Recommendation:A Bite of Culture of the Song Dynasty


   Shen Yuan  (Librarian of Hangzhou Public Library)


Hello, everyone! Today’s recommendation is Delicacies of the Song Dynasty.


Food is one of the most important topics in traditional Chinese culture, especially during the period of Spring Festival, the Chinese Lunar New Year. Nowadays, our food culture could trace back to the Song dynasty. The population of fried dishes, noodle and various cuisines as well as the saying like, seven things of firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea after opening doors, originated from the Song dynasty. 


Delicacies of the Song Dynasty

ISBN: 978-7-5133-3077-0


Delicacies of the Song Dynasty is more than a cookbook with different receipts, but the one coves cooking styles and fitness-keeping values of dishes. The book introduced not only the ingredients and cooking process of every dish, but also the inventors of the dishes and interesting stories behind them during the Song dynasty. What’s more, various famous and interesting ancient books have been taken as references, for example The Way of Eating: Yuan Mei’s Manual of Gastronomy

In general, the joy of exploring the history of food culture by readers could be far beyond enjoying the food itself.