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Librarians’ Recommendation:“Five Thousand Years of Liangzhu Kingdom”


--Peng Xishuang(Librarian of Hangzhou Public Library) 

Today, I recommend “Five Thousand Years of Liangzhu Kingdom” to everyone.


ISBN: 9787559715012


“Five Thousand Years of Liangzhu Kingdom” is located in present-day Hangzhou, Zhejiang, and is the first ancient country in China that we can trace back to date. We often say that Chinese civilization has been around for five thousand years, but which historical sites can prove this statement? The Liangzhu Site is a holy land that exemplifies the 5000 year history of Chinese civilization. On July 6, 2019, the site of Liangzhu Ancient City was officially listed in the The World Heritage List, appearing on the world stage as the "Holy Land for Demonstrating the Five Thousand Year Civilization History of China", which also attracted people all over the world to explore more about Liangzhu.


angzhou Public Library has a collection of over 100 books related to Liangzhu culture, and my favorite among them is "Five Thousand Years of Liangzhu Kingdom". This book is the most accessible, concise, and comprehensive introduction to Liangzhu culture. Although this book seems to be a picture book on popular science designed specifically for children, it is actually suitable for all ages and is also suitable as an introductory book for adults to understand Liangzhu culture.


This book introduces us to the life and culture of Liangzhu people from three aspects. They are:

Water -living along the water and living by it, a mysterious ancient civilization has emerged.
City - With the mountains as the walls, a magnificent ancient Liangzhu city emerged in the midst of heaven and earth.
Jade - divine eye observation, divine emblem engraving, a key to unlocking the essence of Liangzhu civilization.
In fact, it roughly introduces the daily life of Liangzhu people from three perspectives: diet, housing, and culture.
The whole book consists of 99 pages, which makes reading relaxed and enjoyable, but leaves a very deep impression on people.