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Librarians’ Recommendation:"Life"


--Xin Yan (Librarian of Hangzhou Public Library)


In "Life", it is written: "Life is always like this, and one cannot be satisfied with everything. But we must live with enthusiasm. There are numerous things worth loving in one's life, and do not lose heart just because one is not satisfied."

"Life " is Lu Yao's representative work, a literary masterpiece that inspires thousands of readers and won the Mao Dun Literature Prize. Taking the urban and rural life in the northern Shaanxi plateau as the backdrop, the book recounts the life change process of Sent-down youth Gao Jialin who returns to his hometown, leaves his hometown, and returns to his hometown again.



It tells the story of a young person confronting a difficult choice between career and love, ideal and reality, and expresses the difficulties, expectations, and pursuits of everyone, especially young people. The relentless passion of pursuit in a finite life resonates in everyone's heart; The broad temperament of the earth provides great comfort and strength to those who are dissatisfied in life. This is also the life of each of us.

Chen Zhongshi, a Shaanxi native writer and winner of the Fourth Contradiction Literature Award, believes that "Life" has written the most anxious part of everyone's mind. The emotional and spiritual journey of the protagonists in "Life" is not only their distress or joy, but also the common emotions of humanity.

After reading "Life"', may we all feel passionate about life. Even when we encounter the unavoidable and unpredictable difficulties on the long road of life, we could actively face them, and have the courage and wisdom to ride the winds and break the waves!