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Hangzhou Public Library Won Runner-up of Green Library Award 2020


On 19 March, IFLA Green Library Award announced its 2020 Winners. Hangzhou Public Library was one of the six award-winning libraries.


Like most cities around the world, Hangzhou is facing increasingly growing pressure on environment protection. The landfill and incineration in the city have been in serious overloading state for years. Since 2000, refuse sorting has been gradually implemented around China. Our city Hangzhou was identified as one of the first eight pilot cities for refuse sorting and collection in China. Compared with other pilot cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, however, refuse sorting in Hangzhou has produced very limited effect since it started, which has put our city in a dilemma.


The submitted work “Our Green Mission Defend the City Hangzhou Public Library’s Approach by Establishing Environment Branch to Get Involved” presents how the environmental protection themed branch penetrates “green” concept into the location it chose to stand, the building and design, the operation scheme, and its approaches and practices, starting a new chapter of popular participation on environment protection around Hangzhou.


In an era of changes, public libraries start embracing different values and taking more and more social responsibilities. By knowing so many libraries engaging in the issue of environmental protection, we are more convinced of the great potential and infinite possibilities of a library of the day.