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Hangzhou Public Library and Milan Public Library Jointly Organize “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition


On September 16, 2023, “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition opened in Milan, Italy. The exhibition is jointly organized by Hangzhou Public Library and Milan Public Library, an international sister library, and will continue until November 30.




The exhibition is divided into two parts: online and offline. The on-site exhibition mainly consists of books and cultural and creative products donated by Hangzhou Public Library, showcasing the style and local cultural characteristics of Hangzhou with illustrations and text. In the online exhibition video, Liu Dong, the General Director of Hangzhou Public Library, sends greetings and blessings to readers and friends who are far away in Milan.


“Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition in Milan Public Library


Theme Books Promoted by Milan Public Library


“Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition in Milan Public Library


Part of the materials for the online exhibition are provided by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism. Through themed images related to West Lake and handicrafts, as well as a series of “My Hangzhou Story” video works told by foreign friends, the exhibition provides a three-dimensional and comprehensive view of Hangzhou’s charm and beauty, presented in a vivid manner. Additionally, “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition has appeared on the official website homepage of “The City of Literature Milan”, allowing Hangzhou to meet more literary enthusiasts and readers in Milan.


Online Exhibition of "Hangzhou Feel" (Provided by Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV and Tourism)


Since 2004, the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has undergone nearly two decades of development and has covered nearly 300 cities in approximately 90 countries and regions worldwide. In 2014, Hangzhou, China, and Milan, Italy joined the network in 2012 and 2017, respectively, and were selected as cities in the creative fields of “Crafts and Folk Art” and “Literature”. Hangzhou and Milan, as well as member cities around the world, can exchange experiences and support each other, promote the development of local creative and cultural industries, and also share experiences and achievements by participating in UNESCO activities to promote cultural diversity.


The Garden of the Central Library of Milan Public Library


As one of the international cultural exchange projects of Hangzhou Public Library,  “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition aims to present the story of Hangzhou’s “charm” in full dimensions and vividly emerge its beauty, so that everyone can get to know and fall in love with Hangzhou.


To find out more, please visit our online exhibition:http://sway.office.com/2chPcXAhYx4kkwVb?ref=Link