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Mr.Tassos Lampropoulos Donated "The Daughter of the Sun" to Hangzhou Public Library


On June 9, 2023, Greek writer and poet Mr.Tassos Lampropoulos donated his novel "The Daughter of the Sun" in Chinese to Hangzhou Public Library. 


Tassos Lampropoulos is a contemporary Greek poet who has won two Greek national poetry awards and his personal poetry collection works have been included in the National Library of Greek. He expressed his love for Chinese culture and has been actively involved in promoting friendly exchanges between China and Greece.



"The Daughter of the Sun" is set against the backdrop of the famous war in ancient Greek history. Through the love story between two young people, it presents readers with ancient Greek philosophy, mythology, history, customs, and the spirit of courage and wisdom of the ancient Greeks. Tassos created this work in the hope that young people today can learn about the splendid civilization of ancient Greece, inherit the protagonist's courage, wisdom, and unyielding spirit, understand self-esteem, self-love, and respect others, which was repeatedly expressed in this work in line with the spirits from Odysseus in the Greek mythology of the Odyssey. This is the cornerstone and spiritual pillar of love, the spiritual totem of the Greeks, and ultimately elaborates on the truth: love is the only path to light.


"The Daughter of the Sun" will be included in the autographed book collection, which has been built since 2009. Over twelve years of construction practice, the collection has gradually emerged that focuses on collecting signature books of Hangzhou people and related works, so as to contribute to local cultural and historical researchers and local writers and explore the construction of themed signature books such as biographical memoirs.



Hangzhou Public Library is always grateful for the trust and support of the authors, and looks forward to more authors signing and donating their works for the autographed book collection. To date, the library has accumulated over 3000 types, totaling over 4000 volumes. These signatures would have been permanently preserved and passed down to future generations.