In 2012, the China-CEEC cooperation was officially launched. After 5 years’ development, the two sides have made remarkable achievements in various fields. The cultural exchange has played an important role in the consolidation of the traditional friendship between China and CEEC, strengthening the mutual understanding, as well as achieving a win-win progress.


The library, as an institution that preserves human cultural heritage, is one of the indispensable links in the international cultural exchange chain. In order to carry out the “Belt and Road” Cultural Development Action Plan (2016-2020) issued by China’s Ministry of Culture, and strengthen the exchanges and cooperation with CEEC in the library field, we strongly advocate the establishment of China-CEEC Libraries Union, promoting library resource sharing, cultural exchange and technical cooperation through effective union mechanism and the cooperation of international library community.


Our Positioning

The China-CEEC Libraries Union is a non-profit organization for cultural exchanges between China and CEEC.


Our Mission

We aim to build a platform for mutual exchange and sharing within the library field, and promote bilateral, multilateral partnership. Thus in the process of long-term cooperation, the cultural exchange between China and CEEC will be carried to a new level.


Our Vision

Based on the need of long-term development, we will devote ourselves to promoting resource co-construction and sharing, joint research, cultural exchanges, personnel exchanges, as well as technical cooperation among the members of the union. At the same time, we will enhance the communication and cooperation between the Union and relevant international organizations.  



Hangzhou Public Library

Sep 22, 2017