China-CEEC Libraries Union Initiative successfully Launched in Hangzhou Public Library



The Initiative on China - Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) Libraries Union was successfully launched at Hangzhou Public Library on Sep 22.The ceremony was hosted by Ms. Sun Yongrong, director of Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, TV, Film, Press and Publication. Ms. Chen Hongying, vice mayor of Hangzhou Municipal Government made a speech.

More than 300 guests, including ministers of culture from central and eastern European countries, representatives from the Third Forum on Cultural Cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European Countries, as well as representatives from EU, Hongkong and Macao participated in the launch. The project was initiated by Hangzhou Public Library and supported by 36 libraries in 10 countries, including Poland, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria and etc.

Videos of congratulation from Belgrade City Library, National Institution University Library St.Kliment Ohridski, Gabriele Petkevicaite-Bite Public Library, Library of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Poland National Library, as well as letters of congratulation from Latgale Central Library, National Institution University Library St.Kliment Ohridski, Povilas Visinskis Public Library, Sofia City Library and the Matica Srpska Library were broadcasted during the ceremony.

Mr. Chu Shuqing, director of Hangzhou Public Library, gave a very detailed introduction to the Action Plan on China-CEEC Libraries Union (2017-2019). He said that in the future three years, our first aim is to enroll union members widely, the second is to hold the Ist China-CEEC Libraries Union Library Director’s Forum, the third is to build management system of the union, and the last is to promote exchanges and cooperation among the union members.

By report, “The Ist China-CEEC Libraries Union Library Director’s Forum 2018” has already been included in the “Cultural Cooperation Plan between China and Central and Eastern European Countries for the Years 2018-2019”, where the representatives will sign the Statement on the Establishment of China-CEEC Libraries Union, and the brainstorming meeting will be held in the forum which will focus on the forefront of the international library community.

Guests were also invited to tour around the library, and enjoy “China-CEEC Photography Exhibition”. Among all 140 pieces of works, 90 are focusing on the history, culture, citizen’s daily life of Hangzhou as well as its cityscape after G20 Summit in 2016. The rest are reflecting the past and present of CEEC, as well as its long-term friendship with China.



Some letters from library directors of central and eastern European countries:


↓ Jelena Sapkova, director of Latagle Central Library 


  Yulia Tsinzova, director of Sofia City Library 



 Lili Boshevska, director of National Institution University Library St. Kliment Ohridski 



  Prof. dr. Bronius Maskuliunas, director of Povilas Visinskis Public Library 


 Selimir Radulovic, director of the Matica Srpska Library