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A Journal About Librarians' Exchange in Milan(March 10)



Tempo Di Libri, Milano (Milan International Book Fair, 2018) began on March 8 and would last for 5 days. This event was organized by Fiera milano Company and AIE (Italian Publishers’ Association). We were lucky enough to get a glimpse of this wonderful event during the exchange journey.

The theme of today (every day has a theme) was Milan. In 2017, Milan was named UNESCO Creative City. As a centre of publishing and literature, Milan is starting to get the international recognition it deserves, just as Filippo Del Corno, city Councillor for culture, mentioned. A number of perspectives on storytelling in prose and verse written about the city were shown in the festival. Milan, both in modern and traditional styles, is seen through the chronicles and the major and minor events that have taken place here. Different local presses participated into the fair with their featured products.


What excited us most was to meet Stefano Parise, general director of Milan Public Library System. Although the library has no function of publication or books for sales here, he enthusiastically engaged into the promotion of the city of Milan. Besides, this social activist even made time to introduce the city of Milan and suggested many places of interests for us.