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A Journal About Librarians' Exchange in Milan(March 9)



We were early-birds today, since we were so excited to visit Biblioteca Centrale Sormani (the Central Public Library of Milan), the first and most important destination of this exchange journey. We self-cooked at home and took a subway with Matteo, beginning the daily routine like locals. Half an hour later, we were in front of the Central Public Library of Milan.

Mr. Alberto Rapomi, director of the central library, and Mr. Aldo Pirola, former director, had already waited for us. On behalf of Ms. Ying, general director of Hangzhou Public library, and all the other colleagues, we sent our sincere greetings to them. In the following 3 hours, we explored the whole library by reading ancient books, using modern equipments, and enjoying the delicate paintings. Besides, thanks to the detailed introduction from Ms. Massimiliano Lanza, we heard a bunch of interesting stories about the library.


The location of Palazzo Sormani (also known as Palazzo Sormani-Andreani), was restored and enlarged in the 17th century, when it became the property of Cardinal Cesare Monti, who used the palace as the seat of his art collection. In 1930, the building was acquired by the Comune di Milano, that adapted it as an art gallery; this was dismantled after World War II, as a consequence of the palace being severely damaged by Allied bombings. A new restoration (by architect Arrigo Arrighetti) followed, in 1956; thereafter, the palace was chosen as the seat of Milan's public library.