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Deputy Mayor Fumihiko Asai of Gifu City Visited Hangzhou Public Library



On 22, October, A 3-person delegation headed by Fumihiko Asai, deputy mayor of Gifu city, made a special visit to Hangzhou Public Library (HPL), and was warmly received by Director Mr. Chu Shuqing. 

Hangzhou and Gifu city had a long history of friendship, and Gifu city attached great importance to developing ties with Hangzhou. Back in March 2015 and February 2017, Shigemitsu Hosoe, mayor of Gifu city visited HPL twice. Lots of cultural exchange events have been organized by HPL and Gifu Central Library so far, such as “Gifu Cultural Exhibition” in 2017, exchange staff programs every year.

During the meeting, Gifu delegation toured around the library, and the two sides discussed about the future cooperation.