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Braille Branch Library

Braille Branch of Hangzhou Public Library, jointly established by Hangzhou Public Library and Zhejiang School for the Blind, is specifically designed for the visually impaired people. In the aim of "improving the quality of life of the visually impaired people and their employment skills", it is committed to protecting their cultural rights and interests, advocating the fashion of “loving reading, loving books”, thus fulfilling their spiritual and cultural life.
The library is located in Zhejiang School for the Blind, covering an area of about 200 square meters with more than 6,000 volumes of braille books and audio-visual materials. The amount of collection is annually increased. Meanwhile, different devices are provided to help their reading and cultural activities, such as special computers for visually impaired people, braille imprinter, braille display devices, amplifiers for disadvantaged people, smart toys for children, etc.

Address:No.585 Gao Er Fu Road, Fuyang, China