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Science and Technology Branch Library

Science and Technology Branch of Hangzhou Public Library (Binjiang District Library) is a district-level library co-established by Hangzhou High-tech Zone (Binjiang) Social Development Bureau and Hangzhou Public Library. As a district-level public library, it is committed to popularizing scientific knowledge and fulfilling citizens’ cultural life. It is also responsible for the management, planning, supervision and evaluation of regional libraries at the grassroots level, thus help develop the construction of regional public library system. As a Science and Technology theme branch, it provides scientific and technological reference services and technology experiences in terms of aerospace, environmental protection, etc. What’s more, facing to Binjiang high-tech enterprises and scientific research personnel, the library aims to provide more specific reference services as well as high-quality sci-tech novelty retrieval services.

Address:No. 200 Tai An Road, Hangzhou, China