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Music Branch Library

Music Branch of Hangzhou Public Library is committed to making popular music classic, classical music popular and national music international. The library conserves more than 12,000 kinds of CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Disc literatures and various music literatures from China and abroad. It also owns three HI-FI music rooms, five sets of the world top-level sound systems and high-end audio output equipments. Besides, music appreciation classes, lectures, concerts, salons are regularly held to provide citizens with professional services such as music audio-visual services, music production services and music research, etc. Brand activities have provided a high-quality interactive platform for Hangzhou music lovers, such as "there is always a voice to impress you", "citizen’s choir", "promotion of Kunqu Opera, protection of intangible culture heritage" ,etc.

Address:No.58 East Jie Fang Road, Hangzhou, China