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Fang’s Observation from Perspective of Architect in the US


On September 21, Fang Chen, a young architect who used to work in the United States came to Hangzhou Public Library and shared his experience there and his observation about the architecture in that country.



“As same as American culture,” Fang Chen said, “architecture in the US also shows the feature of diversity, which is influenced by historical factors and regional differences. It represents a mix of compromise and creativity.”


Chen talked about the porch that connects people inside with the outside in the south, and the skyscrapers of Chicago in the Midwest. He also referred to the historic traditional architectural style nurtured by the elitism in the east, and how the respect to soldiers and victims deeply rooted in American culture influenced the architecture in New York city.  


Fang Chen finally ended as “architecture is a lens, though which the culture and history are reflected and by which the culture and future will be shaped”.