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My Daily Sparks of Surprises in Stockholm



 On Aug 31, Multicultural Ambassador Xiaohui Wang shared her study and living experience in Stockholm, Sweden. As an urban planner, she graduated from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, has a unique understanding of city development, plan and design.


At the beginning, Hefang from Hangzhou Public Library broke the ice by sharing her personal experience in Stockholm Public Library as an exchange librarian. Her witty remark shortened the distance between the audience and this North European city, Stockholm.


Xiaohui ’s presentation, focused on sustainable development and art of public space in Stockholm through her professional theory and daily life practice . Eyes of the audience lit up when Xiaohui shared those tiny litter sparks of surprise which enlightened her oversea study period. Since waste sorting is widely promoted in Hangzhou, she introduced how the Swedes operate their advanced system. Talking of cross-culture experience, she displayed photos of the Swede’s leisure times on the ground of the funeral, which helped the audience to tell the differences of attitude towards life and death between oriental and occidental cultures.



The presentation aroused a warm discussion among the audience. Peter, a retired engineer who used to work in Europe, suggested that we should pay more attention to cultural heritage, especially to those architecture with hundreds of years’ history. Caroline, who have participated into Multicultural Ambassador Series frequently, was curious about how to become an Ambassador, and willing to share her story on diverse culture.