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"Public Speaking Training Camp" Explodes Summer Holidays


On August 3, 2019, Public Speaking Training Camp was successfully held in Hangzhou Public Library. An audience of 220 people, mainly college students, including some young people who have studied abroad, joined the camp in a lively and animated atmosphere.



The whole activity mainly divided into three parts, including:
Part1. Speaking in Public, Practical Exercises;
Part2. Crash Course in Story Telling;
Part3. Why is this important? Life Preparation.


The first part started with fun and basic prompts. Mr. Kenneth Cain asked the audience to stand, practice speaking up and out on the stage, starting from simple English counting, generous self-introduction to answer the following questions: what is the thing you admire most about your parents, and why? And the thing that is the most meaningful to you.
Through basic skill training, the audience immediately improved their public speaking ability.


The second part started with a story,
“The King Died. Then the Queen Died,” is not a story. 
“The King Died. Then the Queen Died. Of Sadness.” is.
Why? Emotion.
Mr. Kenneth Cain encouraged the audience to tell their own story with emotion. To create their own, unique, authentic personal point of view, a public “self,” and expressed through a solid public voice.
This part helped every aspect of communication: college admissions, schools essays, interviews, and leadership.


In the last part, he shared the story of his wife Susan Cain who experienced a big change of her life and career with recognition of the power of introverts. She now became New York Times best-selling author, and a public speaking expert, as well as the founder of “Quiet Revolution” (https://www.quietrev.com/).
At the end, Mr. Kenneth Cain asked the audience to create their own story: think about where they are going to be in 40 years, and what matters to them.