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Friends From Afar——a Coding Expert from Iraq


On June 22nd, Friends From Afar welcomed a new guest, Mustafa Khalid, an Iraqi Ph.D candidate in Zhejiang University. The 1.5 hour event covered presentation and free discussion, a showcase of a full image of a friendly and industrious foreigner, reaching deep involvement and interaction of the guest and our audiences.


Speaker: Mustafa Khalid

Mustafa’s presentation on acculturation has not only shared his study and program experiences, but also shown us how culture has influenced and shaped one’s life. As a good story-teller, while talking about his team winning the 1st prize on entrepreneur competition, he mentioned a moment in his childhood, on seeing how inconvenient a disable person dealt with daily routine, that he made up his mind to make the blind’s life better.


After the presentation, the discussion was focused on children coding training. An 5-year-boy mother was afraid that her son may miss the best year to start coding. Mustafa didn’t agree with the saying of the best year, arguing that stimulating interest was much more important than rushing into a tutor class. According to his own experience, it is never too late to start a coding class as long as you have an interest.


Presentation Section


Translator: Yingjie Chen

The whole event won a success, and readers can’t wait to expect the next guest coming soon.