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Friends From Afar, a Dialogue with a Canadian Travel Fan



On April 14th, Friends From Afar interviewed Reece, a Canadian studying computer science in Hangzhou. The 1.5 hour interview demonstrated Canada culture, Canadian young adult’s view on education and travel by dialogue, audio and video materials as well. The interaction between Reece and audiences even ignited a warm discussion on oversea DIY travel.


The interview began with Reece’s self-introduction, from which we knew a Canadian’s ordinary life and how mosaic culture influenced its people. While talking about ice hockey, we saw how popular sports spirit shaped the typical Canadians’ personality. Instead of boring instructions from text book, the dialogue offered audiences a vivid presentation on Canada and its multiculturalism. As to ones who plan to travel or study in Canada, they acquired trusty information and suggestions. Secondly, as a travel fan, Reece shared his latest trip in Peru, showing us that how he designed his own trip and what lessons could be taught from it. Last but not the least, Reece recommended David Attenborough, whose highly-reputed documentaries is an efficient reference for us to pick up travel destinations. 



Friends From Afar is the newly cross-culture series of interviews conducted by International Exchange & Research Department of Hangzhou Public Library. The next friend will be Therese Healy, Consul General, Consulate of Ireland, Shanghai, whose dialogue will kick off on April 27th.