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Signing Ceremony of Cooperation Agreement Between Hangzhou Public Library and Leeds Central Library Launched Successfully

In the end of March, Hangzhou Public Library welcomed a guest from Britain, Andrea Ellison, the chief librarian of Leeds Central Library. Her trip to Hangzhou was driven by the agreement to be signed between two libraries for future cooperation.

On April 2nd, the signing ceremony was held successfully in HPL. Ying Hui, director of HPL, delivered a welcome speech, reviewing the sister cities relationship between Leeds and Hangzhou since 1988 and the solid foundation laid by the visiting delegation from Leeds in 2017. Andrea Ellison gave a general introduction about her library and hoped the new bonding would pave the way for more cultural exchange and development projects.


During her stay here in Hangzhou, Andrea Ellison was invited as a guest in Friends From Afar, a talk show series featuring multi-culture and shared with audience about British culture. The national character of British, British English, Fish and Chips, British and the Beatles were brought to discussion during the event.


Andrea Ellison was also invited to the Voice of West Lake, a program of FM105.4, an influential radio channel in Hangzhou, to share her ideas about reading. “A survey in our country shows that 5-minute of reading can relieve anxiety and contribute to a sense of calm”, “Parent-child book reading is valued in our library,” she said. When being asked about the cooperation between two libraries, Andrea Ellison said she was convinced that the cooperation would not only benefit both libraries but also contribute to all citizens in two cities.