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Warm Winter Reading Action

Hangzhou has been identified as the nation’s demonstrative city with well-established social credit system in 2015. In order to continuously improve the social awareness of honesty and credit, promote credit–based programmes, and help to realize a new era of openness, sharing, coexistence and co-reading, Hangzhou Public Library is taking the lead in initiating "Reading + Credit" service mode. Readers can borrow books based on their credit scores and get their books delivered to their homes.


Public Library Law of the People's Republic of China was officially implemented on 1 January, 2018. In order to further strengthen the functions of public libraries, enhance the cultural competence of Hangzhou citizens and create a "city of avid readers", Hangzhou Public Library launched the "Warm Winter Reading Action".


◆   Warm Winter Reading Action I: Books with Gifts

Anyone who borrows more than 5 books (including 5 volumes) via credit service from Hangzhou Public Library, branch libraries or county (district) libraries will receive a gift.

Anyone who borrows more than 3 books (including 3 volumes) online via credit service will receive a gift sent along with the parcel.


◆    Warm Winter Reading Action II: Toy Library

Toy library was set up in Hangzhou Public Library, Binjiang District Library (Science and Technology Branch) recently. Readers can borrow new toys home via credit service.


◆    Warm Winter Reading Action III: Audiobooks

Anyone who uses credit service can get free access to vast audiobooks via "O2"(an audiobook software).


◆    Warm Winter Reading Action IV: Spiritual Wealth Club

Anyone who uses credit service can access to free interpretation (audio) from Fan Deng, a host of CCTV, and also the founder of Spiritual Wealth Club, of the fine books carefully selected.


◆    Warm Winter Reading Action V: Call up Warm Stories & Logo Design

     ◎   In order to pass the positive energy and the warmth brought by honesty and trustworthiness, we are calling up warm stories about credit. Anyone who sends their stories (audio mode) can get a gift according to the selection result.

     ◎    Credit Service Logo Design Contest (design requirements: the combination of reading, credit and Hangzhou elements) A reward of 3000 RMB will goes to the 1st prize, 5 finalist awards will get a bonus of 600 RMB each and 10 popularity awards will get free postage cards in 2018.


◆    Warm Winter Reading Action VI: Cultural Tour

Readers who borrow the largest volume of books via credit service will be arranged to have a library visit tour —— Environment Branch Library and Sports Branch Library.