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West Rain and East Sunshine



Gabriel is a professional photographer and a video maker from Spain. The theme of his photography exhibition is called Western Rain and Eastern Sun, which lasted 12 days from 2 December to 14 December, 2017 in Hangzhou Public Library.

The title of the exhibition derives from a Chinese poem, and it is inspired by his (and many others) journey to come live here in China. Six years ago, his country was going through some difficult times, then one day he got the opportunity to come to China and work here. He escaped the rain, and he went to China looking for the sunshine - and he found it! This was the beginning of an incredible adventure in the east.

He was born and bred in Mallorca, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean Sea, famous for its breath-taking landscapes, crystal clear water and vibrant wildlife. Growing up here gave him lifelong love, appreciation and respect for nature.

Mallorca is a very small place; the rhythm of life is slow, and people are very open and friendly with complete strangers. The way people get along with each other is very natural and that is something he always looks for and appreciates, no matter where he goes. While China is a vast country with a fast pace of life, which he enjoy, it surprised him how warm and friendly the Chinese people are. This hospitality combined with the spectacularly diverse landscapes, wildlife and nature across the country has profoundly influenced his work over the last few years.

Photography has been his job, and passion, for more than 12 years. It is his way of expressing himself and the way he see reality. He always tries to be innovative and push creative boundaries in his work and sincerely hope everyone can enjoy this exhibition.

As the poem says, “it is half sunny and half rainy”- even when it's rainy, there is always a sunny side, we just need to find it.